Hello! Thanks for your interest in The Sweet Goodbyes. After a couple years in the making, our duo is finally ready to share our songs with the world! In fact, we recently released our DEBUT ALBUM! Be sure to check back here often for news, videos and updates to our show calendar - including official CD release shows. For now, find us on Facebook or at an upcoming show...or enjoy a few videos of our live performances on our youtube channel. If you are interested in booking The Sweet Goodbyes, please contact us here. Thanks so much for your support! 

Sponsor a Day in the Studio! 

Hello friends, family and fellow music lovers! 
After two years of creating, crafting and performing our music, The Sweet Goodbyes (that's us!!) are excited to head into the studio on March 25th, 2017 to begin recording our first full-length album.  We are proud of the songs we've written and produced together and feel that what we have to share is important. Our music is about authentic human experience and our celebrated connection to the earth and each other.  We believe this message is needed in our current cultural and political climate and WE NEED HELP getting our music and our message out into the world. This is where YOU come in. 

The Details: 
We are thrilled to be recording with the talented Michael Connolly at Empty Sea Studios in Seattle, WA (http://www.emptysea.com/recording/studio-recording/). Not only does Michael have an impeccable ear for acoustic recordings, he is also an amazing multi-instrumentalist who will be able to tastefully embellish our songs. 

A day at Empty Sea Studios will cost us $500. To give you and idea of what that buys us...8 hours in the studio gives us enough recording time to lay out the tracks for 2-3 songs (without any extra instrumentation). Our goal is to lock down 5 days in the studio to record the basic tracks for our entire album. The cost for 5 days of recording will be approximately $2500.  We are hopeful that we can find 10 people who would like to buy us a HALF-DAY in the studio (for $250) or 5 donors who would like to buy us ONE WHOLE DAY in the studio for $500. And heck, we're not opposed to finding donors who might want to donate more than a day either...will you be one of our Studio Day Donors? 

**All of our Studio Day Donors will have the option to be included in our album liner notes and of course will also be the first to receive a copy of our album before it is officially released.** 

Looking forward: 
The donations collected during this initial fundraising campaign will go directly to our first 5 studio sessions. Any excess donations will go towards mixing and mastering the album. In April, we will be launching a crowdfunding campaign to secure the remaining funds needed to mix, master and produce the actual CD. Our plan is to release our album by August 1st, 2017. 

We recognize that this is a big ask and understand that not everyone's financial circumstances allow them to make such a generous contribution to a project like this. We are so very grateful for your consideration.  If you are able and interested in becoming a Studio Day Donor (any amount), please email Amber and Lisa at: thesweetgoodbyes@gmail.com so that we can set up your donation. Thank you so much for your support! 


Amber Darland and Lisa Harmon 
The Sweet Goodbyes

New Album Crowdfunding to begin soon! 

Hello! The Sweet Goodbyes are coming out of our winter hibernation and are thrilled to be planning for our first Kickstarter campaign launch in early April! We will be asking for support from our friends and fans and perfect strangers who believe in our music. We feel very strongly that more than ever, the music that we are making is important. It is necessary for our world in these times of chaos. The harmonies we are weaving and the lyrics we are singing need to be accessible to folks outside of the live shows we play. We've been told over and over again that our music soothes the soul, it moves the spirit, and it ignites positivity in those who hear it. Now is the perfect time to illuminate the masses with our songs. Will you help The Sweet Goodbyes record our debut album??? Stay tuned....

Please help us claim our YouTube URL 

So...YouTube has changed their system for folks to have a unique URL
- you know, a channel name that is easy to remember like: youtube.com/thesweetgoodbyesmusic.
There are now a few requirements that have to be met in order for us to claim a domain....and YOU can help us meet one of the basic requirements!
We NEED 100 subscribers (think followers) in order to apply for our unique URL. The Sweet Goodbyes will be uploading new video monthly to share songs with you all and would love to make the process more streamline for everyone. Pretty please will you visit our YouTube channel and click on the red button "Subscribe"? And tell all your friends??? Thank YOU!

Get sweet updates from us...


Mind Body Spirit Fair

 —  —

Center for Spiritual Living, 2224 Yew Street Road, Bellingham, WA

The Sweet Goodbyes will be playing a 30 minute set beginning at 12:30pm. Come check out the annual Mind, Body, Spirit Fair - a glorious gathering of those who support the healing and revealing of vibrant health and well-being for humans and animals. There are energy healers, merchants with products to support wellness, authors and speakers and more! More info @ http://mbsf.csl-bellingham.org/

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